Mission Unfinished

You can download Norman’s book Mission Unfinished.

“We spend our years as a tale that is told”

Ps. xc.9 (AV)

This is written in response to the urgings of a considerable number of people, who think that some of the memories, as well as the records of a gratefully varied life should be committed to paper, or whatever other means there may be of preserving and sharing knowledge.

The stories of a much wider family connection are already available in other works, but this may be of more special interest to the descendants of John Farquhar Macrae and his first wife, Bertha Christian Livingstone Learmonth, and particularly those of their son, Frederick John Learmonth Macrae, of whom, at the present count, are 33.  I hope they will link it up and fit it in with their own memories, records, letters or whatever.

We are living in times of much more rapid social change than any other period in history and points where family memories impinge on world events are worth noting. For the present, this mix of family traditions and personal memories is offered to keep the story going and in gratitude for being part of the ongoing tale that is told.

Norman C. Macrae

Edinburgh 2010

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27 02 2012
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